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RITA the International Network invites you to see the history of its achievements as a foundation and as an agent of change in the society.

December 2017


Our story begins on December 12, 2017, when RITA The International Network It is officially founded in Cúcuta, Norte de Santander.

July 2018

On July 28, RITA The International Network manages to implement the first version of its project "A Mission to Mars"

This project, which was the reason for the foundation's creation, seeks to carry out a knowledge transfer to support young people to continue their studies.

In this first version, 5 volunteers visited 10 schools in the city of Cúcuta, managing to inspire more than a thousand Norte Santandereanos youth.


At the same time, RITA The International Network was the special guest at the Emprendefest 2018 event with the participation of 5 of its members presenting topics related to Technology, Innovation and Sustainability.

September 2019

RITA The International Network carries out the second version of the project "A Mission to Mars" visiting two schools in the city of Cúcuta Norte de Santander.

Una Mision a Marte Version 2 II.jpg

February 2020

RITA The International Network manages to implement its second project "Closing the Gap" after obtaining financial support from the Henkel and SalesForce companies, and other volunteers who made donations.

This project, which delivered 16 homes to vulnerable families in the María Teresa community in the city of Cúcuta, was carried out in partnership with the TECHO foundation.

Additionally, a community health and wellness brigade was carried out as part of the project.


On that same date, RITA La Red Internacional,

He delivered his third project "Give me a hand" thanks to the financing obtained from the Trivago company.

This project, in alliance with the TNS company located in the city of Cúcuta, delivered 2 3D printed prostheses.

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