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Give Me a Hand

In February of 2020, the first stage of the proyect Give me a Hand was successfully achieved through the donation of 2 robotic prothesis to two People in Cúcuta  (Victor and Adrián)

Video of Don Victor while using his robotic prosthesis for the first time.

Why was the project born?


In Colombia, 3 out of 100 people lack a forearm because of:

  • Work accidents

  • Victims of anti-person mines

  • Car accidents

  • Chronic diseases

  • Birth

What is it about?

With the project "Give me a Hand", we seek to improve the quality of life of people without forearms, providing them with an innovative robotic prosthesis.

For this, RITA La Red Internacional has partnered with the company TNS Systems from Cucuta, which has been recognized nationally and internationally for the development of innovative prostheses.

Do you want to help us give a hand?

There are several ways you can help us:

  • Donate your time: Become a volunteer in our network. Together we achieve more.

  • Donate materials: Do you or your company have the facility to supply the materials to produce the prosthetisis? Contact us

  • Donate Money: Through paypal, credit card or transfers to our Bancolombia account.

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