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Help us to deliver our projects. 

It's easy to donate

The RITA is a non-profit organization, meaning we set our own objectives and therefore we can only deliver our projects with the donations we receive from persons, enterprises and governments. Your support is critical to fund the different projects of RITA, favoring the country's education and improving the living conditions of people in difficult circumstances. 


Any contribution is very valuable: for you, our projects and the people who need them.

How to donate in 2 simple steps


Identify the on-going projects of the foundation

A Mission to Mars

Give me a Hand

Adopt a



Donate with Paypal or with 

Credit Card


Donate with Wire Transfer or Direct Deposit in Colombia

Bancolombia (Cuenta de Ahorros)

No. 832-86912624

Fundación Red Internacional de Transformación y Apoyo

**For international wire transfers, contact us for further details 

[For Colombia] It is important to send us a copy of the receipt of the direct deposit or wire transfers, confirming the transaction to the e-mail with your full name, NIT (for companies or legal entities), phone number, address and city. With this information, we can generate the certification of donation which can be used for benefits in the Tax declaration of the donor.

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