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Project: Sponsor a Dream



Thousands of young people and children live in vulnerable communities where the opportunities to develop their talents are very scarce.

At RITA we work to support these young people, helping to build opportunities for them and their families.

Sponsor a Dream aims to connect dreams and projects of young South Americans with sponsors from around the world who support progress from opportunities, education, work and commitment to their own communities.

This project is aimed at young people throughout the department of Norte de Santander (Colombia), with different talents -artistic, sports, educational, etc.- who, due to lack of opportunities, must leave their projects aside.

When developing their personal and professional training, young people must commit to being leaders and active collaborators in their community, contributing to its development and progress, hand in hand with the RITA foundation.

With just one opportunity, a great change can be achieved in the future of a person or a community; and to transform realities wills are needed. From anywhere in the world and in different ways, you can be part of this project.

Working for a dream or a project can have different paths or forms, and to achieve this goal, help of all kinds is needed: financial support, material, accompaniment, learning, etc. Therefore, any form of sponsorship is welcome in our project.

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